Tools for Growth

Every athlete knows that reaching your goals rarely happens accidentally and without some effort on our part.  Having the right exercises and equipment can mean the difference between the winning touchdown or breaking the tie at the half court or setting a personal best in the 100meter dash.  In the same way, we are encouraged from Scripture to think of our lives like an athlete. And that takes  regular spiritual training and exercise.  It can be a challenge to set up good spiritual habits like this, but a little bit goes a long way.  So, let's begin today!


There are no experts of prayer, but there are a lot of tools to help you get started.  One suggestion is to spend 10 minutes a day using the A.C.T.S. outline.

  • Adoration:  Praise God for who He is- Creator, Father, Almighty God, Friend, Savior
  • Confession:  Confess any wrong-doing in your life, a harsh word spoken, a bad attitude, "white" lie, or anything that you think God might not be pleased with.  Ask His forgiveness and His help in overcoming that temptation the next time it comes at you.
  • Thanksgiving:  Thank Him for any and everything that comes to mind- family and friends, health, privilege of being one of His kids.  Anything!
  • Supplication:  Ask for anything you need for yourself, your loved ones, your church.  Then you might begin to expand your requests to ask for others outside your immediate circle.  Especially, ask for the knowledge of God's will for your life and the power to carry it out.

Reading through the Bible

Fellowship Groups and Worship  with Other Believers

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