Salvation:  Simple as ABC...


"...all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23).

The most difficult step for anyone is realizing that where I am and who I've become is the product of my own choices.  Everyone has a life that is mixed with good and bad decisions, even the most disciplined and revered.  But even one spiritual failure can separate us from God.  We were created to enjoy unlimited and unhindered fellowship with the Lord, but our choice to live our lives without God or to be our own "god" has left us broken and lonely without Him.  And we have no way of returning to Him for restoration through our own good deeds or avoiding bad moral decisions.

Many people struggle with hurts, habits or hang-ups that create life-stopping pain.  Often an abusive relationship leaves a person angry, frustrated, or afraid.  An addiction to a substance or alcohol can cause a person to loose a job or go through divorce.  Or a destructive habit can result in poor health mentally, physically, and socially.  For other people, it's different.  Maybe there is a general sense of unhappiness with life, a feeling that life is meaningless or going nowhere.  Or maybe a job loss raises fears or health problems cause anxiety.  A person feels helpless to solve their problems for very long or at all on their own.

Admitting that we have failed and that we cannot help ourselves leads us to find hope elsewhere...

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