Surprises and Disappointments about the Elections

I read an article where President Obama said, “If I watched FOX News, I’d hate me, too.”  I know Donald Trump must’ve felt that way every time he turned on the TV and tried to watch his favorite speedy superhero on Tuesday nights.  And most of the media I’ve seen lately had convinced me that Hillary Clinton was a shoe win for president.  I’m not giving away on this site who I voted for. (Hint:  It’s not who you think. And I’m not telling unless you ask me personally.  Just a little fun I’m having in the whole process.)

Surprise!  The Trump won and Clinton lost the election.  But even more surprising was Trump’s victory speech.  He went on and on and on, not bashing that “not nice” woman, but thanking everyone he could think of for helping “us”, not Trump, through the 2-year campaign for a win.  Wow!  And he was very sincere.  He spoke in a way that was very different in the campaign.  It was… sweet.  That was the same likeable Trump that I remembered from a few years back. The only disappointment I had from Trump was that he almost missed the opportunity to thank Mike Pence his vice president before walking way from the podium.  And also, I didn’t hear anything about Paul Ryan who has consistently treated him better than Trump has ever returned to him.

Surprise #2- Hillary’s concession speech.  I was disappointed that she chose not speak to her supporters last night after conceding to Donald Trump.  This gained a lot of criticism as they waited for a word from their leader.  It came across as a lack of empathy to her supporters.  (I thought it was just bad sportsmanship.)  However, her speech today surprised me.  She was humble and inspiring, in spite of the loss.  She challenged her supporters to give Donald a chance to be president and she wished him a successful term.  Without knowing anything about most of her policies and values, a person could’ve easily been impressed with her words and the manner in which she presented herself and the respect for both Trump and the American people.

All of this included, two thoughts come to mind.  1)  There is a little of the best in the worst of us and a little of the worst in the best of us.  2)  While Christ, King of kings and President of presidents, is in charge, you shouldn’t be too surprised or too disappointed in earthly leaders.   They’re just people, fallen like the rest of us, trying to find their way in this great big world.  The Scripture reminds us not to be too anxious about whose in leadership positions here.  “Some trust in chariots.  Some trust in horses.  But we will trust in the name of the Lord our God.”