The Presidential Dilemma: Lesser of Two Evils? Part 1

I had hoped that the first of the presidential debates on last Monday would’ve set my mind at ease a bit about the new presidency that is coming at us in a little more than 3 months. But it didn’t, and I’m sure as I’ve talked to others that many of you feel the same. Who can we trust? Who can fix our $22 trillion national debt? Who can provide national security against the threats of radical Islamic terrorist groups and mass killings from within? Who can heal the racial hurts and establish policies and systems that are fair for all, both rich and poor? Who can be the inspiring character our children look up to and want to be like? After last night’s debate, I need help. Election day is November 8 and I want to be decided by then. What do we do?

I think the first step in coming to a decision is what we don’t do. Two viewpoints often dominate the conversation. One of the most widely held views is the cynical approach– all politicians are self-propagating at best (popular term is “narcissistic.” I’m already sick of the term.) or, more likely, evil men and women plotting a takeover for their own tyrannical benefit. Add in lawyers, doctors, and a few other professions and we have a whole pile of dishonorable career paths that every parent should tell their children to avoid. But don’t we benefit from lawyers who defend our rights and speak up for our causes? Don’t we enjoy a cure for our ailments or at least comfort from them from our doctors? Don’t we rely on our government for certain securities ranging from violence to theft to the pursuit of the American dream? Plus, cynicism is hopelessness. And in a democratic nation, we have choices. At the least, we have the choice to write in a name on the elections ballot. I have heard that Mickey Mouse has been nominated many times. He might do well.